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Picture this ...

One simple idea, matched with great vision and heartfelt emotion, conceived from a casual conversation between three friends ... Terry D. Lane (CEO), Musician Chuck Jackson, and Randy Zannett.  A Great desire to make a difference in the lives neighbours who are friends, brothers and sisters, south of the border.

A need to reach out in a meaningful way, to make a statement from the bottom of a collective soul.  In a matter of moments, with a multitude of musicial artists, volunteer spirit beyond imagination, hidden talent to organize, a plan to see an idea grow into a fact, a given, a done deal.

The world was our stage but the reality was in a small, neighbourhood bar with people who truly believed in giving their time, talent and one hundred and eighty-one hours of love and to organize it in 10 days.

It did not matter if anyone else, outside of that tiny sphere knew what was to be born and blossom, but the end result was a powerful way of standing up to be counted with sponsors who believed in people who would give what they could.

The Canadian Musicians For Liberty (CMFL) became much more than a name and a dream.

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